Guide to Selecting Our Nail Clippers

Standard Jaw Opening (for Regular Thickness of Nails)

CP-100S - Fingernail clipper (2.5" Length), Curved Blades, Standard Jaw opening.

CP-100L (Discontinued See new model CP-140L) - Toenail Clipper (Large 3.3" Length) Curved Blades, Standard Jaw Opening

CP-200L (Discontinued See new model CP-240L)- Toenail Clipper (Large 3.3" Length), Straight Blades, Standard Jaw Opening

Wide Jaw Opening (for Thicker Nails up to 4mm)

CP-140L - Toenail Clipper (Large 3.3"), Curved Blades, 4mm wide jaw opening, 2mm thick handle

CP-240L - Toenail Clipper (Large 3.3"), Straight Blades, 4mm wide jaw opening, 2mm thick handle

WHS-440L – Wide Jaw Toenail Nipper with Swing out nail file, 4mm wide jaw opening, reinforced handle.

For Thicker Nails (Podiatrist Style)

KP-700 - Scissor style Nail Clipper, All stainless steel, 5" Long, Opening wider than 1 inch. Total length is 5" and the length of tip is about .75 inch. This style fits most average hands and Professional uses such as clinic or salon that need to sanitize the whole body of the clippers.

CP-900 - Scissor style Nail Clipper, Stainless Steel with Soft Rubber Grip, Opening up to 1cm. Total Length is 5 5/16", tip length is 1 inch. This style is suitable for those with larger hands and prefer longer tip. Since the whole body of the clipper cannot be sanitized, it is more suitable for home use.

WHS-800 - Latest Design of Scissor Style Nail Clipper, ABS Rubber handle, Good Grip, Opening up to 1", Total Length is 5". This model is suitable for those with weak hands because of the size and traction of the handle.

WHS-850 - Scissor Style for those who like fashionable design. This clipper has Rose Gold Tint and designed with delicate style yet tough enough for thick nails. This clipper has the same length as other scissor styles which is 5".