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Guide to Selecting Our Nail Clippers

Standard Jaw Opening (for Regular Thickness of Nails)

CP-100S - Fingernail clipper (2.5" Length), Curved Blades, Standard Jaw opening.

CP-100L (Discontinued See new model CP-140L) - Toenail Clipper (Large 3.3" Length) Curved Blades, Standard Jaw Opening

CP-200L (Discontinued See new model CP-240L)- Toenail Clipper (Large 3.3" Length), Straight Blades, Standard Jaw Opening

Wide Jaw Opening (for Thicker Nails up to 4mm)

CP-140L - Toenail Clipper (Large 3.3"), Curved Blades, 4mm wide jaw opening, 2mm thick handle

WHS-440L – Wide Jaw Toenail Nipper with Swing out nail file, 4mm wide jaw opening, reinforced handle.

CP-240L - Toenail Clipper (Large 3.3"), Straight Blades, 4mm wide jaw opening, 2mm thick handle

For Thicker Nails (Podiatrist Style)

KP-700 - Scissor style Nail Clipper, All stainless steel, 5" Long, Opening wider than 1 inch. Total length is 5" and the tip length is about .75 inch. This style fits most average hands.

CP-900 (Discontinued) - Scissor style Nail Clipper, Stainless Steel with Soft Rubber Grip, Opening up to 1cm. Handle is 5 5/16", tip length is 1 inch. This style is suitable for those with larger hands and prefer longer tip.